Install IODA TV Addon To Watch Live TV Online

Icdrama add-on helps you watch TV shows online free using high quality pictures and movies taken from internet videos. Icdrama takes pictures from the internet videos and convert them to an understandable and attractive format in such a way that they can be watched using multimedia devices like Plasma, Smart TV, Xbox 360 and other video game consoles. This is an easy and effective way of watching TV shows online without any hassles.


When you want to watch television online free using Icdrama add-on, you only need to download it from its official repository or from any other site having the same repository. You may visit the website on which iDrama is hosted for accessing this repository. This website acts as the portal where you will access the features of iDrama. To download from this website just login with your user name and password. Once you have entered all the required details, you can directly start downloading the video add-ons.

There are some important steps to follow when installing icdrama repository on your device. The first step is that you should read the instruction manual that is provided by the repository company. The second step is that you should download the video tutorial related to iDrama. The third step is that you should install icdrama.

After installation of the iCdrama addon, you should open the admin settings and click on add/install file manager. The fourth step is that you should choose the video file that you want to stream. Then click on the ‘mount’ button to transfer the chosen video file to your device. The last step is that you should click on the ‘start’ button to start streaming the video in icdrama.

Some additional features are supported by the popular addons such as Myows TV Shows Repository and cthlo-koi-repo. The Myows TV Show Repository supports all the popular network and television shows such as Watchdog, CCTV Serenade, Zee TV, My World Plus, Star Trek Online, Myth Busters, Deal or No Deal, The Mentalist, Weeds, Raising Helen, Anger Management and Big Brother. The cTHlo-Kodi repo addons supports the popular Thai television network such as Drama Now, Fun TV, and Today Alive. The repository also provides an online viewer’s account facility, so that you can watch the videos on your computer or iPhone. The addons offers a choice of over 22 million video files including movies, TV shows, music videos, short video clips and trailers.

If you want to view live or recorded drama, the use of Myows TV Show Repository is highly recommended. This is because it provides quality video and sound. To install icdrama mod addon, first you need to download the content from the Myows website. It is highly advisable to use the repository since the files are always new and are scanned by Googlebot frequently. Besides that, the files are virus free and there is no chance of any pop ups adware or spyware.

After downloading the content, you need to install icdrama zip file and Myows TV Show Repository. The step by step instructions of installation is clearly mentioned at the Myows website. After installation is complete, you need to activate the add by selecting the ‘activate’ option found at the bottom right corner of the page. Now you can either stream live television or watch recorded episodes. Apart from the above mentioned functions, the add-on also provides you with access to favorite channels such as Home Box Office, Starz, TruTV, Canal Plus, Freeview and many more.

When it comes to using Myows TV Show Repository, it is highly recommended to use premium membership sites for accessing reports. In most cases, premium membership sites allow users to directly download iDrama and Myows TV Show Repositories, as well as other premium video addons such as cTHlo-Kodi addon and chango MP3 Multimedia Player. For unlimited access to popular premium channels, you must join premium membership sites. Myows TV Show Repository gives you access to almost all major channels in UK, including Sky One, Virgin, channels from the BBC, and lots more.