ICDrama – Discover How ICDrama Can Help You Get Icy Watching Enjoyment

The latest version of Icdrama add on is v2. 9. It has all the features from v1 like video add ons and radio add ons. This version also adds new movies and new radio stations. In December 2nd,2020 you will also be able to find these movies void add on from aznhusband Kodi repository. These are both v2 of this movie and one of the most popular ones that you will see.


The story of icdrama is based on a love story. A young girl named Irina (Greta Scacchi) returns home after her mother passes away and she lives with her aunt and uncle. She is quite taken with her new found home, and she begins to dream about being an adult woman. One night when her father goes out to meet her, she decides to sneak out and get her own freedom.

The main character in icdrama is a young man by the name of Alex. He comes from a poor family and because of this he feels deeply for his elderly mother. After hearing of her story, a police officer called Detracttor arrives to the scene and he too falls in love with Irina. He tells her about a new program that will allow her to enter a new world called the World. With this newfound empowerment, Irina sets out to change not only her own life but also the lives of everyone around her.

You can choose icdrama kodi add ons that are available for free or you can choose to pay for the access to these features. To access the features you must first click ok on the home screen. The advanced settings and add ons will then be available for you to click on. There are actually many things that this addon can do. Once you have chosen what you want to do, click on it will start working.

ICDrama has several drama related channels. If you like soap operas, then you will love this addon. For the movies and popular TV series, you will find everything that you need. For the current events, you will be able to know what is going on. The ICDrama addon is recommended for all users of Icdrama to have access to all the dramas that they could possibly need or want.

If you are interested in downloading icdrama then all you need to do is to find the download icdrama. The download icdrama will only take a couple of minutes and once it is done you will be able to watch the videos right away. All you need to do is follow the video tutorial that is included in the download. Once you have followed the video tutorial, then you will be ready to watch the latest plays and videos in the internet without any problem at all.