Dramacool – To Watch Asian Dramas Online

Dramacool shutdown! Is this it? Did the website developers give up on the project? Was it caught in some sort of copyright infringement lawsuit? Well, let us look into all this…


At first, Dramacool shut down because of legal issues with its servers. There were many fakes of Dramacool website surfers online! You must select a reliable site to download and watch Korean drama like Dramafreemax if you do not have some $ for viu or chroma yet! Or else you can simply download Korean drama from Dramacool itself!

Yes, you heard it right. The servers of Dramacool were hacked and they lost all their favorite shows and the entire library of drama and movies. How sad. But if you want to view their drama DVD’s now, you can simply visit the company’s official website at the link below.

Yes, there is still one website that offers all the Asian dramas and movies at no cost at all. But since Dramacool and the other websites are closing down, I doubt that they will still be around in a few years. So I suggest all the fans of Asian dramas to go to my favorite site at the bottom of this article, which is where you can find all the newest releases of the most popular and best Asian dramas, movies and music videos.

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