A New Experience to Watch Online Korean Dramas

ICDrama is an internet TV show that you can watch online. It is hosted by Kim Tae Hee, and it features all sorts of popular Korean artists doing talk shows, acting, music and more. You can choose from various genres of shows such as variety, comedy, reality and the romantic type of shows. Each show comes with a unique theme and storyline. The website itself has various categories so you can easily browse through what you want to see without having to scroll too much.

icdrama watch online

The best way to enjoy ICDrama is to download it to your PC first then synchronize your laptop with the server. You will then be able to watch Korean TV shows anytime you want by logging into your account. It has a very simple interface and you can even download the add-on right away after registering. If you are wondering how to choose install ICDrama, there are actually a few things you should consider. For one, you should look at the operating system that your computer uses because some television channels require specific software in order to work. For example, you should choose Windows Vista or Windows 7 because those are the most commonly used operating systems.

Another important factor in choosing ICDrama is the membership type. If you choose to pay for a monthly membership, you can have access to a lot more Korean shows compared to the one time membership that gives you unlimited access. A one time payment for the basic add-on costs around $20. It is advisable to get the full package which offers unlimited access to different channels and movies.

The site offers a variety of genres including drama, music, sitcoms, cartoons, reality, movies, cartoons and Korean soap operas. Dramas are the most popular among all, as they allow you to watch the best possible acting performances alongside excellent music scores. And even if you don’t want the dramas, you can always opt for the comedies like the ICDrama Watch Online. This site offers a wide array of Korean movies and sitcoms with funny moments all over.

For the movie buffs out there, the site offers a movie add-on called the ICDance Premium Movies Add-On. With this Korean movie addon, you can watch k-dramas like the remake of My Fair Lady, the new Bakugan movie, the remake of Crazy Hotel and many more. This is one of the premium add-ons offered by ICDrama which costs $2 a month. You can easily see if this is what you need by visiting the site.

To sum it all up, ICDrama has provided a great way to watch online Korean movies and shows at home. Aside from the site itself, you can also avail of other benefits such as downloading movies into your personal computer and watching them as much as you want. This is very convenient especially if you do not have time to drive to the nearest theater. This only proves that if you want to experience a good experience with your favorite Korean drama, then you should definitely choose to watch online. So what are you waiting for?